Building the Website

For developers who want to contribute to the website/documentation of libigl. The website is now hosted in its own repository separate from the main libigl repository. You can edit directly pages of the website and create an associated pull requests on github. For more substantial changes, you may want to preview your changes to the website before committing them. The instructions bellow explain how to preview the website on your local machine.


  1. If you do not already have it, install conda on your machine. We recommend using miniconda3. On Linux you can run:
  2. Install the conda environment for the website:
    conda env create -f libigl-website.yml

Using mkdocs

  1. Activate the conda environment installed on the previous step:
    conda activate libigl-website
  2. Preview the website locally (run this command in the root folder of the libigl project):
    mkdocs serve


Dead links can be checked using the LinkChecker tool. Run the website locally, then run LinkChecker on it:



Deployment has been automated through the use of GitHub Actions. The configuration file is located here.