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Libigl is primarily licensed under MPL2:

All .h and .cpp files directly in include/igl (but not necessarily in sub-directories) are subject only to the terms of the MPL2; they should not include any code that is covered by other/less-permissive licenses.

The .h and .cpp files in sub-directories of include/igl allow libigl to integrate with external third-party libraries (e.g., those in external/) and are subject to the MPL2, and also the terms of licenses of the corresponding external library. The licenses used by these libraries fall under three categories:

  • common “free, non-copyleft licenses” (such as zlib, BSD, MIT, and public domain)
  • include/igl/anttweakbar
  • include/igl/embree
  • include/igl/opengl
  • include/igl/opengl/glfw
  • include/igl/opengl2
  • include/igl/png
  • include/igl/viewer
  • include/igl/xml
  • common “copyleft” licences (such as GPL, LGPL, and AGPL)
  • include/igl/copyleft
  • include/igl/copyleft/cgal
  • include/igl/copyleft/comiso
  • include/igl/copyleft/cork
  • include/igl/copyleft/tetgen
  • other “uncommon” licenses or commercial software
  • include/igl/lim
  • include/igl/matlab
  • include/igl/mosek
  • include/igl/triangle

The Libigl code that interfaces with “copyleft” libraries is in include/igl/copyleft. Only include these headers if you are accept the licensing terms of the corresponding external library. For example, using include/igl/copyleft/tetgen requires that you accept the terms of the AGPLv3.