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Version Short description
2.3.0 Dual Contouring, DDM skinning, Bézier, PLY reader, 3D text rendering, matcap
2.2.0 New python bindings, fast winding number for soups, ICP algorithm
2.1.0 Various improvements and bug fixes, updated dependencies
2.0.0 Lighter, simpler CMake build, rewritten history
1.3.3 Switched the build system from submodules to CMake external projects
1.3.2 After merging PRs in the 2018 hackaton
1.3.1 Before merging PRs in the 2018 hackaton
1.3.0 Modernized cmake build, multi-mesh viewer, replace nanogui with imgui
1.2.1 Reorganization opengl-dependent functions: opengl and opengl2 extras
1.2.0 Reorganization of “extras”, rm deprecated funcs, absorb boost & svd3x3
1.1.7 Switch build for static library to cmake.
1.1.6 Major boolean robustness fix, drop CGAL dependency for AABB/distances
1.1.5 Bug fix in booleans
1.1.4 Edge collapsing and linear program solving
1.1.3 Bug fixes in active set and boundary_conditions
1.1.1 PLY file format support
1.1.0 Mesh boolean operations using CGAL and cork, implementing [Attene 14]
1.0.3 Bone heat method
1.0.2 Bug fix in winding number code
1.0.1 Bug fixes and more CGAL support
1.0.0 Major beta release: many renames, tutorial, triangle, org. build
0.4.6 Generalized Winding Numbers
0.4.5 CGAL extra: mesh selfintersection
0.4.4 STL file format support
0.4.3 ARAP implementation
0.4.1 Migrated much of the FAST code including extra for Sifakis’ 3x3 svd
0.4.0 Release under MPL2 license
0.3.7 Embree2.0 support
0.3.6 boost extra, patches, mosek 7 support, libiglbbw (mosek optional)
0.3.5 More examples, naive primitive sorting
0.3.3 Many more examples, ambient occlusion with Embree.
0.3.1 Linearly dependent constraints in min_quad_with_fixed, SparseQR buggy
0.3.0 Better active set method support
0.2.3 More explicits, active set method, opengl/anttweakbar guards
0.2.2 More explicit instantiations, faster sorts and uniques
0.2.1 Bug fixes in barycenter and doublearea found by Martin Bisson
0.2.0 XML serializer more stable and fixed bug in remove_duplicate_vertices
0.1.8 Embree and xml (windows only) extras
0.1.5 Compilation on windows, bug fix for compilation with cygwin
0.1.1 Alpha release with core functions, extras, examples

Upcoming version (main branch)

Version 2.3.0 Changes


This is our last stable release before some planned major reorganization (see #1696 for details). The upcoming reorganization is aimed at facilitating maintenance and packaging of various libigl components. The next release will be a new major version of libigl (3.0.0).

New Features

  • Dual contouring (#1716)
  • Viewer: Selection Plugin (#1654)
  • Implements “Polygon Laplacian Made Simple” (#1653)
  • Offscreen meshes rendering using Embree (#1652)
  • Signing distances with Fast Winding Number (#1630)
  • Turn ImGuizmo tutorial into a viewer plugin (#1618)
  • Adds MATLAB-like function igl::blkdiag to build a block-diagonal matrix (#1617)
  • Kelvinlet mesh deformation (#1614)
  • Blue noise sampling on triangle meshes + adds igl::barycentric_interpolation (#1597)
  • Direct Delta Mush skinning (#1541)
  • New exploded view tutorial (#1510)
  • Bézier curve evaluation (igl::bezier) and fitting (igl::fit_cubic_bezier) (#1476)
  • Replace .ply reader/writer with tinyply library (#1422)
  • igl::copyleft::cgal::wire_mesh now support per-edge thickness. Adds igl::copyleft::cgal::coplanar test (#1488)
  • New generic function for connected components (igl::connected_components) (#1487)
  • Viewer: matcap support (#1482) + tutorial entry (#1646)
  • Viewer: option for double-sided lighting (#1480)
  • Viewer: new 3D text rendering feature, supporting proper label depth (#1549)

Build System

  • Update ImGui to 1.81 (#1723), fixing rendering issue with newer Visual Studio
  • Fix mosek to work with 9.2; fix mosek dynamic link via CMake (#1675)
  • Reimplement igl::marching_cubes outside of the copyleft/ folder (#1666, #1687)
  • Update GLFW to fix an issue on macOS with CMake 3.19.0 (#1657)
  • Update Embree to v3.12.1 (#1648)
  • Use new gitlab remote to clone Eigen (#1631)
  • Update compiler versions in github actions (#1629)
  • Update CoMiSo version (#1608). Note that CoMiSo support for libigl is deprecated and will be removed in version 3.0.
  • Removed _bin suffix from executable files (#1594)
  • Moved SCAF to triangle folder (#1590)
  • Various fixes to github actions (#1649, #1651, #1721)


  • Control number of threads in parallel_for with env variable IGL_NUM_THREADS (#1684)
  • Support msh in igl::read_triangle_mesh (#1645)
  • Change boundary weight from length to length squared in igl::per_vertex_point_to_plane_quadrics (#1644)
  • Update STL read to work on problematic thingi10K meshes (#1628)
  • Use an enum to specify file encoding when writing files (#1619)
  • Removed some functions marked as deprecated (#1610)
  • Fix bug with epsilon parameter in igl::remove_duplicate_vertices (#1603)
  • Removed unused function igl::barycentric_to_global (#1596)
  • Fix align_camera_center in Viewer::init() for multiple cores (#1349)
  • Add floating point exceptions in unit tests (#1001)
  • Extended serialization functionality to Eigen::Array (#1113)
  • SCAF: Expose linear system to be solved by user code (#1553)
  • Fix issue with igl::heat_geodesic (#1497)
  • Refactored igl::is_edge_manifold (#1509)
  • Various bugfixes, compile fixes, template fixes (#1335, #1361, #1400, #1402, #1430, #1438, #1441, #1471, #1475, #1484, #1494, #1495, #1497, #1525, #1538, #1544, #1546, #1581, #1582, #1625, #1627, #1638, #1640, #1642, #1658, #1673, #1674, #1679, #1694, #1704, #1709)

Version 2.2.0 Changes

Python Bindings

The python bindings have been moved to a separate repository. These are now available as an conda package.

New Features

  • Fast winding number for triangle soups (#1218)
  • Iterative closest point algorithm + tutorial (#1347)
  • Ear clipping triangulation (#1169)
  • Added igl::path_to_edges function (#1259)
  • igl::dijkstra can now use mesh edge length (#1170)
  • Keep reference to multiple material when reading obj (#1280)
  • Added igl::sharp_edges for sharp edges extraction (#1364)
  • Added igl::unproject_on_line, igl::unproject_on_plane and igl::projection_constraint to compute cursor (un)-projections (#1368)
  • Added igl::quad_grid and igl::triangulated_grid to create meshes from regular grids (#1369)
  • Added igl::isolines_map, ViewerData::set_data and ViewerData::set_colormap to improve scalar field visualization in the Viewer, and updated tutorials accordingly (#1371)
  • Added new COLOR_MAP_TYPE_TURBO colormap, based on Turbo. Jet is now an alias for Turbo, and switched to Viridis as default colormap in the viewer (#1372)
  • Added igl::slice_sorted and removed deprecated Eigen::DynamicSparsematrix from igl::slice (#1370)

Build System

  • Overhauled function signatures in preparation of new python bindings (#1162, #1228, #1271, #1274)
  • Added a conda environment cmake/libigl-cgal.yml to provide boost for Windows users (#1239)
  • Added experimental support for Hunter (#1242)
  • Now libigl.cmake will define a CMake target Eigen3::Eigen if not provided by the user (#1299)
  • Added igl_set_folders() to sort CMake targets into folders in IDEs such as Visual Studio or Xcode (#1383)
  • Minor fixes to our CMake build system (#1363)
  • Github actions for CI replacing appveyor and travis (#1389)


  • Fix underflow issue when computing normalization in igl::heat_geodesics (#1344)
  • Update nrosy to match the MIQ paper (#1303)
  • Delete Embree_convenience.h (#1314)
  • Refactored igl::cut_mesh (#1332)
  • Various improvements to the viewer (#1196, #1251, #1366)
  • Unit tests: cleand up test_common.h (#1365)
  • Made call to igl::predicates::exactinit() thread-safe + marked internal functions in predicates.c as static to prevent name collisions (#1377)
  • Doc cleanup (#1376)
  • Allows igl::hsv_to_rgb to work on negative hues (#1399)
  • Explicitly marked the following functions as deprecated (#1380):
    • igl::all_edges
    • igl::internal_angles_using_edge_lengths (only a specific overload is affected)
    • igl::is_border_vertex (only a specific overload is affected)
    • igl::remove_duplicates
  • Various bugfixes, code cleanup and explicit template instantiations (#1197, #1210, #1216, #1231, #1247, #1258, #1288, #1309, #1320, #1337, #1345, #1379, #1396, #1327)

Version 2.1.0 Changes

  • Various code cleanup, compilation fixes, and explicit template instantiations
  • Added wrapper around Shewchuk’s predicates (#1163)
  • libigl now also compiles with Eigen 3.3 (#1110).
  • Extended igl::cat functionalities (#1108)
  • Extended boundary_facets with outputs revealing which element facet comes from (#1067)
  • Use std::shuffle instead of std::random_shuffle in igl/randperm (#1062)
  • Fixed an Eigen alignment issue in the viewer (#1029)
  • Removed LIM tutorial (#1012, #1014)
  • Fixed current python bindings (#1008)
  • Intrinsic Delaunay triangulation (#988)
  • New Heat Geodesics feature (#988, #1140). See also tutorial 716.
  • Switched from Google Test to Catch2 (#961), and added various unit tests
  • Fixed an issue with transparent window on macOS that was introduced in v2.0.0 (#953)
  • Updated dependencies: Embree 3 (#947), GLFW (#977, #1153), ImGui (#1039), std-image (#1072)
  • Added sparse voxel grids (#937, #942) and tutorial 715 for meshing implicit functions.
  • Added tutorial 714 for marching tets (#716)

Version 2.0.0 Changes

This release is a result of the 2018 libigl hackathon at NYU. The major changes are:

  • a simplified cmake set up that can build a static library, tutorials, tests, and python bindings;
  • cmake now uses ExternalProject_Add to download necessary/requested dependency source code and tutorial/test data
  • as a result, git clone --recursive ... is no longer required
  • unit tests are now part of main repo and included in continuous integration (libigl/libigl-unit-tests is obsolete);
  • tutorial data has been moved to libigl/libigl-tutorial-data;
  • unit test data has been moved to libigl/libigl-tests-data;
  • all dependencies previously in libigl/external have been removed or moved to repos (and added via ExternalProject_Add);
  • documentation and the tutorial webpage has been moved to libigl/;
  • .git history of these files has been purged using bfg
  • unfortunately this means that SHA hashes have changed and any external projects using libigl as a submodule will need to be refreshed to the new hashes.
  • More information and instructions for troubleshooting at
  • A legacy version with SHA hashes matching old repo is hosted at libigl/libigl-legacy.

The major upshot is that the old git clone --recursive that resulted in a 1.8GB libigl/ directory is now a git clone that results in 16.5MB, more than a 100x reduction in size.

Name changes:

Old New
igl::components igl::vertex_components
igl::slice_tets igl::marching_tets

Version 1.3.2 Changes

  • First version after all pull requests were merged during the libigl hackaton, and before switching from submodules to CMake external projects.

Version 1.3.1 Changes

  • Last version before pull requests were merged during the libigl hackaton.
  • igl::components has been renamed to igl::vertex_components.
  • viewer.core.model matrix is gone (#700).

Version 1.3.0 Changes

List of changes related to this version:

  • The CMake build system has been rewritten to be more modular and modern. libigl modules are now available as CMake target, e.g. igl::triangle or igl::opengl. See the libigl-example-project for an example of typical usage.

  • igl/antweakbar and igl/opengl2 support has been removed from the CMake. The files are still available, but their use is discouraged.

  • The viewer has been refactored and now supports multiple meshes. See related tutorial entry for more information. The viewer files are now split according to their dependencies. E.g. igl::viewer::Viewer has been renamed igl::opengl::glfw::Viewer.

  • NanoGui has been replaced by ImGui, and is now available as a viewer plugin instead of #define

  • Polyvector code has been moved to libdirectional (#630).

Version 1.2 Changes

This change introduces better organization of dependencies and removes some deprecated/repeated functions. The 3x3 svd code and dependent functions (including ARAP) were absorbed into the main library. Similarly, the boost dependency extra was absorbed.

External libraries as git subrepos

The core functionality of libigl (still) just depends on stl, c++11 and Eigen. There are additional optional dependencies (e.g. CGAL, embree, glfw, tetgen, triangle). Libigl functions using these are located (still) in sub-folders of the include directory (e.g. include/igl/cgal/, include/igl/embree/). Prior to version 1.2 we included copies of the code for some of these dependencies in the external/ directory. As of version 1.2, these have been replaced with git sub-repos. If you have cloned libigl before version 1.2 then you should issue

git submodule update --init --recursive

Deprecated/repeated functions

Old New
igl::angles igl::internal_angles
igl::get_modifiers [deleted]
igl::nchoosek(offset,K,N,std::vector) igl::nchoosek(Eigen,K,Eigen)
#include <igl/boost/components.h> #include <igl/components.h>
#include <igl/boost/bfs_orient.h> #include <igl/bfs_orient.h>
#include <igl/boost/orientable_patches.h> #include <igl/orientable_patches.h>
#include <igl/svd3x3/arap.h> #include <igl/arap.h>
#include <igl/svd3x3/arap_dof.h> #include <igl/arap_dof.h>
#include <igl/svd3x3/fit_rotations.h> #include <igl/fit_rotations.h>
#include <igl/svd3x3/polar_svd3x3.h> #include <igl/polar_svd3x3.h>
#include <igl/svd3x3/svd3x3.h> #include <igl/svd3x3.h>
#include <igl/svd3x3/svd3x3_avx.h> #include <igl/svd3x3_avx.h>
#include <igl/svd3x3/svd3x3_sse.h> #include <igl/svd3x3_sse.h>

Version 1.0 Changes

Our beta release marks our confidence that this library can be used outside of casual experimenting. To maintain order, we have made a few changes which current users should read and adapt their code accordingly.

Renamed functions

The following table lists functions which have changed name as of version 1.0.0:

Old New
igl::add_barycenter igl::false_barycentric_subdivision
igl::areamatrix igl::vector_area_matrix
igl::barycentric2global igl::barycentric_to_global
igl::boundary_faces igl::boundary_facets
igl::boundary_vertices_sorted igl::boundary_loop
igl::cotangent igl::cotmatrix_entries
igl::edgetopology igl::edge_topology
igl::gradMat igl::grad
igl::is_manifold igl::is_edge_manifold
igl::mexStream igl::MexStream
igl::moveFV igl::average_onto_vertices
igl::moveVF igl::average_onto_faces
igl::plot_vector igl::print_vector
igl::pos igl::HalfEdgeIterator
igl::plane_project igl::project_isometrically_to_plane
igl::project_points_mesh igl::line_mesh_intersection
igl::read igl::read_triangle_mesh
igl::removeDuplicates.cpp igl::remove_duplicates
igl::removeUnreferenced igl::remove_unreferenced
igl::tt igl::triangle_triangle_adjacency
igl::vf igl::vertex_triangle_adjacency
igl::write igl::write_triangle_mesh
igl::manifold_patches igl::orientable_patches
igl::selfintersect igl::remesh_self_intersections
igl::project_mesh igl::line_mesh_intersection
igl::triangulate igl::polygon_mesh_to_triangle_mesh
igl::is_manifold igl::is_edge_manifold
igl::triangle_wrapper igl::triangulate


  • To match interfaces provided by (all) other quadratic optimization libraries, igl::min_quad_with_fixed and igl::active_set now expect as input twice the quadratic coefficients matrix, i.e. the Hessian. For example, igl::min_quad_with_fixed(H,B,...) minimizes \frac{1}{2}x^T H x+x^T B.
  • We have inverted the IGL_HEADER_ONLY macro to IGL_STATIC_LIBRARY. To compile using libigl as a header-only library, simply include headers and libigl in the header search path. To link to libigl, you must define the IGL_STATIC_LIBRARY macro at compile time and link to the libigl*.a libraries.
  • Building libigl as a static library is now more organized. There is a build/ directory with Makefiles for the main library (Makefile) and each dependency (e.g. Makefile_mosek for libiglmosek.a)
  • igl::polar_svd now always returns a rotation in R, never a reflection. This mirrors the behavior of igl::polar_svd3x3. Consequently the T part may have negative skews.
  • We have organized the static library build
  • The previous igl::grad function, which computed the per-triangle gradient of a per-vertex scalar function has been replaced. Now igl::grad computes the linear operator (previous computed using igl::gradMat). The gradient values can still be recovered by multiplying the operator against the scalar field as a vector and reshaping to have gradients per row.
  • The function igl::project_normals, which cast a line for each vertex of mesh A in the normal direction and found the closest intersection along these lines with mesh B, has been removed.