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Unit Tests for libigl

Get started with

git clone --recursive


googletest is a submodule

Build and test

Use cmake to generate a Makefile that will build and test upon issuing make:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Then build and test with

make test

This will first compile the tests and then immediately run the tests. If tests are succeeding you should see output similar to:

Test project /usr/local/libigl-unit-tests/build
    Start 1: run_igl_mosek_tests
1/4 Test #1: run_igl_mosek_tests ..............***Exception: Other  0.00 sec
    Start 2: run_igl_boolean_tests
2/4 Test #2: run_igl_boolean_tests ............   Passed    1.12 sec
    Start 3: run_igl_cgal_tests
3/4 Test #3: run_igl_cgal_tests ...............   Passed    2.46 sec
    Start 4: run_igl_tests

Alternatively, to get more detailed output you can call ctest directly with the verbose flag:

GTEST_COLOR=1 ctest --verbose

You’ll see outputs for each individual test:

UpdateCTestConfiguration  from :/usr/local/libigl-unit-tests/build/DartConfiguration.tcl
UpdateCTestConfiguration  from :/usr/local/libigl-unit-tests/build/DartConfiguration.tcl
Test project /usr/local/libigl-unit-tests/build
Constructing a list of tests
Done constructing a list of tests
Updating test list for fixtures
Added 0 tests to meet fixture requirements
Checking test dependency graph...
Checking test dependency graph end
test 1
    Start 1: run_igl_mosek_tests

1: Test command: /usr/local/libigl-unit-tests/build/include/igl/mosek/igl_mosek_tests
1: Test timeout computed to be: 9.99988e+06
1: [==========] Running 1 test from 1 test case.
1: [----------] Global test environment set-up.
1: [----------] 1 test from mosek_bbw
1: [ RUN      ] mosek_bbw.decimated_knight
1: /usr/local/libigl-unit-tests/include/igl/mosek/bbw.cpp:25: Failure
1: Expected: ((Wmo-W_groundtruth).array().abs().maxCoeff()) < (1e-3), actual: 0.00287895 vs 0.001
1: [  FAILED  ] mosek_bbw.decimated_knight (2126 ms)
1: [----------] 1 test from mosek_bbw (2126 ms total)
1: [----------] Global test environment tear-down
1: [==========] 1 test from 1 test case ran. (2126 ms total)
1: [  PASSED  ] 0 tests.
1: [  FAILED  ] 1 test, listed below:
1: [  FAILED  ] mosek_bbw.decimated_knight
1/4 Test #1: run_igl_mosek_tests ..............***Failed    2.14 sec
test 2
    Start 2: run_igl_boolean_tests

2: Test command: /usr/local/libigl-unit-tests/build/include/igl/copyleft/boolean/igl_boolean_tests
2: Test timeout computed to be: 9.99988e+06
2: [==========] Running 3 tests from 1 test case.
2: [----------] Global test environment set-up.
2: [----------] 3 tests from MeshBoolean
2: [ RUN      ] MeshBoolean.TwoCubes

Generating new tests

Many libigl functions act on triangle meshes. To make it easy to add a new test for a libigl function, we have a script that will output some boilerplate testing code. So if you issue:

cd include/igl/
../../scripts/ myfun

This will create a test file myfun.cpp containing:

#include <test_common.h>
#include <igl/myfun.h>

class myfun : public ::testing::TestWithParam<std::string> {};

TEST_P(myfun, change_to_meaningful_name)
  Eigen::MatrixXd V;
  Eigen::MatrixXi F;
  Eigen::SparseMatrix<double> L;
  // Load example mesh: GetParam() will be name of mesh file
  test_common::load_mesh(GetParam(), V, F);
  // ASSERT_EQ(a,b);
  // ASSERT_TRUE(a==b);
  // ASSERT_NEAR(a,b,1e-15)
  // ASSERT_LT(a,1e-12);


Add a call to igl::myfun and an assertion (e.g., ASSERT_EQ) and this will add a test for all meshes in the data/ folder. (Should also change change_to_meaningful_name to a meaningful name based on what you’re testing).


When naming a test for a function igl::extra::function_name use:

TEST(extra_function_name, meaning_test_name)

where meaning_test_name could identify the type of test or the type of data being used.


The test for igl::copyleft::cgal::order_facets_around_edges in include/igl/copyleft/cgal/order_facets_around_edges.cpp is:

TEST(copyleft_cgal_order_facets_around_edges, TripletFaces)

which tests this function on example data containing a triplet of faces.



(Obviously?) The presence of a unit test here for some function (e.g., igl::cotmatrix) is not a guarantee or even an endorsement of the notion that the libigl function igl::cotmatrix is bug free or “fully tested” or “heavily tested” or even “adequately tested”.

Need work?

Some of the most used libigl functions

grep -hr "^#include \"" ../libigl/include/igl | sed -e 's/\(\.\.\/\)//g' | sort | uniq -c | sort

still don’t have unit tests.